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It’s 2020, Get Creative! 20 Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

Posted on February 25 2020

Your best friend just announced her pregnancy and you couldn’t be more excited! In just a few months there’s going to be a cute little newborn to coo over and spoil, but until then there’s a lot to do. As the parents-to-be get ready to welcome the newest member of their family, you’re probably stressing about certain things, too.


Namely, baby shower gifts.


This is your best friend, after all! Nothing’s too good for her or her little one, so choosing the perfect baby shower present can be a daunting task. If the baby shower is getting closer and you’re still drawing a blank, we’ve got your back. With the right baby gift ideas, you don’t have to fear the baby shower any longer.


Here’s a list of the 20 best baby shower gifts guaranteed to make life easier for a new mum:


  • Home-cooked meals. Let’s face it, once the baby is here, it’s going to be difficult to remember to eat, let alone cook. Save the day by bringing a warm meal over on those days when cooking is the last thing those frazzled parents want to do.

  • Pamper packages. Great for before or after the baby comes, a pamper package with all the essentials (massage, manicures, and other treatments) will make the new mum feel better than ever.

  • Nappy bin. Not many gift-givers consider where all those used nappies end up – that’s what makes a quality nappy bin a fantastic gift idea.

  • Gift vouchers. Give the gift of choice with vouchers to various shops, baby-themed or otherwise.

  • Nappy bag. You know your best friend’s style better than anyone else, so get her (and the baby) a quality nappy bag! Choose a stylish neutral colour that will go with anything, and for extra points, consider adding a nappy purse for those trips that don’t require a whole bag.

  • Organisers. Is there such a thing as organisation with a newborn? There can be! The new parents will be grateful for a cot or car organiser to keep all their baby products neat and easily accessible.

  • Milestone blanket. Help mum make happy memories with a fancy milestone blanket to keep track of her baby's first days, weeks, and months.

  • Clothes. We get it – newborn clothes are the cutest (and most popular) gifts for baby showers, but they don’t last very long. Do your friend a favour and find some baby clothes in bigger sizes so her little one can be well-dressed even after leaving the newborn stage behind.

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  • Swaddle blanket. A good night’s rest is hard to get when the baby is startling awake. Investing in a quality swaddling blanket will ensure that the little bundle of joy is snuggled up safe and warm (and less likely to wake up every half hour).

  • Care kit for mum. Most baby shower ideas revolve around – you guessed it – the baby. Why not give mum something? A postpartum care kit is a great way to let your friend know that you’re thinking of her.

  • The Windi. You don’t know the frustration of trying to calm a gassy baby until you have one of your own. Luckily, there’s a non-medicinal way to ease the pain in baby’s tummy and help them feel better. Is it gross? A little. But oh, so useful.

  • Baby wrap. Once her little one is old enough, your friend will love carrying him or her in a soft, warm baby wrap. Not only does this give them more bonding time throughout the day, but it’s also a great way to give her the use of both her hands again!

  • Need-based services/favours. If you’re a great friend (and we know you are), then the best gift you can give might just be showing up when needed. Make up some fancy vouchers for the baby shower for things like a night of free childcare, a full-house cleaning, or even just an hour of holding the baby so mum can get a nap in.

  • Nappies and wipes. Whether the new parents are going the disposable or reusable route, nothing is more useful than a supply of nappies and wipes. As with clothes, go for a variety of sizes.

  • Baby books. A collection of durable baby books is a great gift for any new family. Make them extra thoughtful by writing a note to the baby inside the cover!

  • Baby monitor. Parents are worriers, so nothing can make a new mum and dad feel better than being able to see their little one even when they’re in another room. This gift is sure to give them some peace of mind and allow for some alone time every now and then.

  • Handmade gifts. Nothing says “I love you” like a homemade gift. Whether it’s a handmade blanket, a crocheted hat, or a loveable stuffed animal, you’re sure to bring tears to her eyes when mum opens your one-of-a-kind gift.

  • Pregnancy pillow. For something that can be used even before baby comes, a pregnancy pillow is the best way to go. Give mum some much-needed comfort with one of these pillows; as a bonus, it can double as a nursing pillow once the little cutie arrives!

  • Emergency baby essentials. Create your own medicine kit with all the essentials: thermometers, child medications, nappy rash cream, etc. Mum will be grateful she doesn’t have to run to the shops whenever there’s an emergency.

  • Bedding and blankets. Babies are adorable but messy creatures, so it’s a great idea to make sure they have enough blankets and bedding. For extra style, personalise your gift with the baby's name.